Price launches Twitter tirade against hubby's former mistresses

Katie Price launched a bitter attack on her husband's former mistresses last night.

The 36-year-old star, who recently reconciled with Kieran Haylor after discovering he cheated on her with two of her best friends, Jane Poutney and Chrissy Thomas, lashed out at them in a series of angry messages on her YouGoss!p profile.

The glamour model shared two pictures of Chrissy, writing: "Just a reminder, Chrissy sl*t thomas loves wrecking marriages and sleeps with married men

"Remember if she was two faced to me she will do it to you"

She also shared a photograph of Jane, with the caption: "Reminder to the mums at her kids schools jane poutney is a home wrecker w***e, if she did it to me she will you,keep her away from husbands (sic)"

Katie ignored messages from her fans telling her that Kieran was equally responsible, but admitted she is feeling a lot better about herself since giving birth to fifth child earlier this month.

The glamorous entrepreneur - who has yet to reveal her newborn daughter's name - showed off her slim post-pregnancy figure in a skimpy ensemble, with the caption: "After past months of stress and lack of confidence after what them scum women did to me it's certainly coming back now I've had baby!"

Katie recently revealed Kieran, who is undergoing therapy for sex addiction, has devised an intense training course to help her get back into shape.

The best-selling author also has 12-month-old son Jett with Kieran, as well as daughter Princess, seven, and other sons Junior, nine, and Harvey, 12, from previous relationships.

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