People had a lot to say about Alan Partridge's rendition of ‘Come Out, Ye Black and Tans’ on BBC One

By Anna O'Donoghue

Over the weekend every TV show hosted their annual St. Patrick’s Day special but there was one in particular that caught people’s attention.

This Time with Alan Partridge’s featured the hosts' Irish doppelganger, Martin Brennan - played by Steve Coogan.

The ‘Sligo man’ joined the couch to talk about his career as an Alan impersonator, despite not knowing who he was, and life as a farmer in the west of Ireland.

After a bit of chit-chat and an open-invite to the Brennan farm, his cousins joined him to join him for a rendition of ‘Come Out Ye Black and Tans’ and ‘The Man Behind the Wire’.

Did we ever think we'd see the day?

A moment that will go down in TV history.

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