Pat Kenny warns of fake ads using his photo to promote erectile dysfunction medication

By Anna O'Donoghue

Pat Kenny has warned listeners of his Newstalk radio show of fake online advertisements using his photo to promote erectile dysfunction medication.

The broadcaster said the false ads have appeared on a prominent news website, as well as Google and Facebook.

I just thought to let everyone out there know that if you see me advertising hair colour, erectile dysfunction materials, muscle enhancers or any such thing, it's not me

“It's a scam of some sort. So don't buy with my imagined recommendation."

Speaking to the Irish Independent, he said: "I was on a news website one morning and a picture of me advertising drugs for erectile dysfunction popped up. I just thought 'This is ridiculous. There will be people who believe all of this'"

He went on to say that he is seeking legal advice on the matter as RTÉ presenters such as, Ryan Tubridy, Claire Byrne and Miriam O’Callaghan have also been victims of the ‘scam’.

“I got on to Noel and he told me Ryan and Claire Byrne and obviously Miriam very publicly have the very same problem and he said that something needs to be done about this. So my solicitor has written to Facebook and Google to ask them to deal with this."

It comes after 2FM presenter Louise McSharry took Twitter to warn followers about a fake Facebook advertisement using her photo to promote weight loss.

The page appears to be promoting weight loss for brides, under ‘Kitchen Gadgets Fun’ and uses a picture of Louise and husband Gordon Spierin.

“He couldn’t believe his eyes when his wife walked down the aisle. It was her goal to fit in her favourite dress and make it a day to remember,” the ad writes.

“The fact that she achieved her goal in weeks is what convinced everybody. Guests are now telling everyone how she did it.”

Ironically, the picture they used only exists on the internet as it appeared in an article McSharry wrote about how she didn’t try to lose weight for her wedding.

Louise ensured her followers that she reported the page and it has since been removed

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