Our most-loved Irish actress Saoirse Ronan has made her Vogue cover debut

Saoirse Ronan is nothing but an Irish sweetheart who never lost her level head and kept her two fet firmly on the ground, even when it wasn't on Irish soil.

The actress has carved out a hugely successful career for herself state-side and has won the hearts of critiques and movie lovers alike with her exceptional acting talent.

Now she has landed herself on the cover of none other than Vogue Magazine and looks naturally stunning, as always.

The 24-year-old spoke about fame and how she still "completely shocked" that anyone knows who she is.

Despite having three Oscar nominations under her belt, the Carlow-born actress always considers Ireland home.

"Ireland is smaller than England, and I love it for that," she said.

"I feel most at home and at peace when I’m in the country. Though I like being in London too. There’s an anonymity. You can disappear into the human flow.”

"I still get completely shocked that anyone knows who I am. But I’m not... famous. I just genuinely don’t think I am. Selena Gomez is famous.”

Her cover look is from Prada's AW18 collection and she wears barely there make-up and carries the ethereal vibe she embodies so naturally.

- Digital Desk

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