Next stop America! Daniel and Majella to go stateside

Daniel and Majella O’Donnell’s new travel show, Daniel And Majella’s B&B Road Trip, has been revealed to be going to America.

Pulling in half a million viewers in it’s debut episode, the show is now set hit TV’s in the US with talks to screen it in the UK.

Although a rating coup for UTV Ireland, it was reported the show was also offered to RTE as well as TV3.

“We knew it would be popular but people of all ages have really embraced it,” said Philip Kampff, managing director of VIP productions.

Stateside: Daniel and Majella’s show is set to be shown in the US | MAXWELL’S

‘The programme came about when Daniel’s manager had come to me saying that Daniel and Majella were keen to do something together and they wanted to do it in Ireland.

“We put our heads together and came up with two ideas. Daniel and Majella were in Tenerife at the time and we sent them both ideas and they immediately came back and said the B&B one,” he told the Mail on Sunday.

“We had limited time to make the programmes because of Daniel’s schedule and I sent the idea out to everyone, including RTÉ.

“But it was Mary Curtis at UTV who came back and gave a definite yes. So that was that. It’s now going to PBS in the States and we’ll be talking with UK broadcasters over the next few weeks,” he added.

UTV: Daniel and Majella’s show was also offered to RTE and TV3 | MAXWELL’S

Proving to be a ratings success, the show is reportedly in talks with UTV Ireland for another season.

Although RTÉ officials would not comment how on it’s commissioning process, a source confirmed that the series had been offered to the national broadcaster.

“We had brief talks about it and asked for more information. Next thing it was on UTV,” the RTE insider said.

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