Mum thanks 'generous' Stormzy after Shut Up singalong clip goes viral

A mum who filmed a spontaneous singalong with Stormzy at this weekend’s V Festival in the UK has praised the grime star for his “generosity and graciousness” in taking time out for his fans.

Susan Evans, 60, joined the star onstage as her gospel choir group, Singology, formed the backing singers for his rendition of Blinded By Your Grace in Staffordshire on Saturday.

After the show he greeted all the performers and agreed to film a rendition of his hit track Shut Up as a favour to Evans’ son and huge Stormzy fan, 27-year-old Oliver.

The clip has since gone viral after the singer flipped the call-and-response roles, leading the Croydon housewife to reply to his “What we doing today?” with “We’s reppin’ innit”.

Evans said: “It was the most mind-blowing thing; when you are a housewife from Croydon you don’t get many opportunities like that.

“He was so generous and gracious. There were about 30 of us keen to meet him afterwards and he said thank you to all of us and that we sounded awesome.

“I have worked with famous people onstage before and they are often whisked away, but I asked him if he would do this huge favour that would my son’s day and he said “yeah go for it”.

“My son had showed me Shut Up and so I learned the bit, but then Stormzy flipped the lines on me so I had to do the other side.”

Describing herself as a social media “luddite,” the clip was shared on Twitter by her eldest son, Laurie, with the caption “When your mum meets Stormzy”.

It was retweeted by the star himself and received more than 15,000 likes in just a few hours.

V Festival 2017 – Chelmsford
Stormzy performed at both V Festival events this weekend (Ian West/PA)

After signing up to the event, Evans told how her sons had filled her in on the London musician’s background and his rise to popularity over the last year.

“I was really impressed,” she continued.

“I have worked for the NHS in mental health all my life and I am a strong believer in helping people to talk about their difficulties.

“He is such a good role model; he speaks out against crime and violence and about mental health.

“Life is not easy and he is honest about that, and you can see how grateful he is for the way his life has turned out.”

Commenting on her own first ever experience on a national festival stage, Evans added: “It was the most unbelievable, extraordinary feeling – it gave me chills.

“My friends were saying I was mad to go all the way up there for one day, but it was a once in a lifetime thing.”


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