Milli Vanilli film in the works

A new movie profiling dance duo Milli Vanilli's downfall from the pop charts is in the works.

The film, to be developed by Universal Pictures, will focus on Fabrice Morvan and Rob Pilatus' fall from grace after they were stripped of a Grammy Award in 1990 for lip-syncing on their records.

The notorious duo were awarded the Grammy for Best New Artist in 1990, but the title was revoked later that year when it emerged the pair had never sung on their debut album All or Nothing, or on their 1989 hit single, Girl You Know It's True.

The movie, which has the backing of surviving member Morvan, will be written and directed by Catch Me If You Can scribe Jeff Nathanson, according to reports.

He says: "I've always been fascinated by the notion of fakes and frauds, and in this case, you have guys who pulled off the ultimate con, selling 30 million singles and 11 million albums and then becoming the biggest laughing stocks of pop entertainment."

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