Michael McIntyre to host new Saturday night game show on BBC One

Michael McIntyre will present a new Saturday night game show on BBC One.

The Wheel will feature contestants competing to win cash prizes, and there will also be celebrity guests.

McIntyre said: “I am thrilled to be hosting a show that does reinvent the wheel! Contestants will be competing to win big money, celebrity experts will have their knowledge put to the test, and I will desperately be trying to avoid too many puns.

“I simply can’t wait to get behind the wheel, I’m dizzy with excitement!”

Dan Baldwin, managing director of production company Hungry McBear, said: “We are delighted to be teaming up with Michael and the BBC on The Wheel.

“Think of the most exciting funfair ride, put the world’s best comedian at the centre of it and throw in a collection of brilliant celebrity experts… welcome to The Wheel.

“Truly amazing fun, laughter and tension for the whole family.”