Mastering the art of airport style: 6 celebs show us how it’s done

For most of us – squeezed into cramped seats in an economy cabin – there’s nothing remotely glamorous about air travel. Several hours spent in a pressurised container generally results in swollen ankles, puffy eyes and unpleasant bodily aromas.

Not a good look – or smell.

For celebs, of course, it’s a different story. Aware a frenzied crowd of fans and photographers will be greeting them in the arrivals lounge, stars have no choice but to switch on their A-list shine.

Stepping off a plane looking like you’ve just sauntered down a catwalk is a remarkable feat – so how do they do it? Admittedly a first class cabin and flat bed helps, but there’s also some clever wardrobe styling involved.

Getting airborne anytime soon? Take runway inspiration from these high-flying fashionistas.

1. Queen of the skies: Victoria Beckham

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Long haul or short, no matter where she travels, Lady V always rolls up looking immaculate. With not even a crease line on her clothes – or face – she’s nailed the art of superstar jet-setting.

2. Flying bomb: Kim Kardashian

If you want to make an entrance, you may as well do it properly, right? Never one to shy away from the cameras, Kim sports some of her most outlandish items at passport control. We’re just surprised she’s never caused an emergency landing, because those tight trousers must give fellow passengers a serious bout of cabin fever.

3. Easy glider: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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Proof you can be understated and still strike a pose, Rosie H-W breezes effortlessly into a new destination. Sure, the dark glasses help – and a baby or handbag bigger than your head also distracts attention.

4. Leisurely traveller: Kendall Jenner

If you happen to have forgotten your glasses, there’s always the option to hide in a roll neck jumper – like Kendall Jenner. Note her subdued outfit even matches the decor.

5. Fighter pilot: Cara Delevingne

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Or go for broke like Cara – and literally dress as if you’re down to your last pennies. If you’re worried about any rude comments, you can always rock a pair of over-ear headphones to block out any sound.

6. Our airport hero: Heidi Klum

Taking it one stage further, Heidi Klum has no qualms about traveling between gates in her boyfriend jeans and Birkies. Accessorised fittingly with a Big Mac, it’s a look we can all emulate with ease.

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