'Late Late Toy Show' tops annual ratings

'The Late Late Toy Show' was the most-watched television programme so far this year, according to RTÉ.

The state broadcaster said seven out of every 10 people watching television on Friday night tuned in for the annual festive programme.

And at its peak, 90% of children who were watching television at the time were switched to RTÉ 1 to see presenter Pat Kenny explore the latest toys available in the run-up to Christmas.

Larry Masterson, 'Late Late Show' executive producer, said: "There's no doubt that 'The Late Late Toy Show' is an institution."

An average of 1,161,000 people tuned in at some stage to the two-and-a-quarter-hour programme, which drew 1,338,000 viewers at its peak, according to an RTÉ statement.

Pop band Sugababes and US comedian Jerry Seinfeld were among the guests who performed for this year's annual special.

"When nine children in every 10 are watching you, you know you're doing something right," added Mr Masterson.

"Preparations are already under way for 'The Toy Show 2008'."

The ratings were slightly up on the equivalent for last year's programme, which was the most watched programme of 2007, an RTÉ spokesman said.

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