Kate Hudson calls for ‘action implementation’ with Time’s Up movement

Kate Hudson has called for legal steps to follow the Time’s Up movement and suggested more women in boardrooms would be a big step forward.

The Hollywood actress, 39, was among 300 stars who launched the initiative, which includes a legal defence fund to help women fight harassment and inequality at work.

Launched in January, Hudson said it was now time for “action implementation” of the ideas Time’s Up put forward and suggested there needed to be legal steps may be needed to protect women in the workplace.

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She told CNBC’s Tania Bryer: “You can have the idea you can throw your fists in the air you can keep fighting keep marching.

“I think at the end of the day you really need to start implementing and actually actively starting to put things forward.

“How do we get certain laws passed that might be important for women in the workplace?”

Hudson, who co-founded women’s sportswear company Fabletics, added: “One of the things for me now in business and having a large business is women on boards.

“That is like I get the chills when I actually think about it … it actually makes me kind of angry that there aren’t women on boards … all these large companies that are in charge of very big decisions and it’s just a boys’ club.

“And with that you don’t have an equal balance of understanding the culture inside of those businesses and that’s you know that is where you know women are working they need to be represented up at the top.”

“And so to me it should be half and half every board. But I mean even to get it to a quarter would be an achievement,” she said.

“So now it’s action time right. And it’s fun. So it’s an exciting time because you know so much of the veil has been lifted so much is being revealed it’s going to continue to be revealed and you know hopefully with that people will follow suit and you know support equality.”

The full interview airs on Friday at 10pm on CNBC.

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