JLS star 'wants to study farming'

JLS star turned farmer Jonathan ’JB’ Gill is hoping Prince William will call him so they can study agriculture together.

The singer, whose group bowed out last month after a successful chart career, has embraced the rural lifestyle with an 11-acre estate in Kent with his girlfriend Chloe Tangney.

And JB has told Hello! magazine that he would love to be invited to study alongside William when he begins his agricultural management course.

“That’s exactly the kind of course I want to go on but that one is bespoke - it has been tailor-made for Prince William,” he said.

“Although, who knows, maybe if he reads that I want to do it, they can call me up and we can study together? That would be wicked.

“I think it’s fantastic that he’s doing this and that it’s brought a new focus to the farming industry. I’ve met Prince William and he’s a cool guy. Anything that gets young people interested in farming and rural communities is a positive thing.”

He said that many people have assumed that he is throwing himself into farming as a result of the group’s split, but for JB it has been an interest he pursued long before the group announced they were going separate ways.

“I’ve been involved in it for some time and it’s something I care about deeply,” he said.

“I never wanted to be a ’gentleman farmer’ and have someone else running everything. I made sure I did extensive research beforehand. I want to learn everything I can about the industry because there is so much to learn.”

JB suggested a marriage proposal to his girlfriend of five years may not be too far away.

“For me, it would be marriage, then babies,” says JB. “I’m traditional in that way. But it’s definitely something I would like to focus on.”

::The full interview is in the latest edition of Hello! magazine which is out now.

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