Jennifer Zamparelli faces backlash online over face masks debate

RTÉ 2FM broadcaster Jennifer Zamparelli is coming under fire on Twitter for wanting to facilitate a discussion on her show tomorrow about wearing face masks.

In a tweet on Monday she said "We are having an open discussion on my show on RTE 2fm tomorrow about face masks.

"Do you have strong opinions on wearing them or not wearing them ? I’d love to hear from you."

When someone responded to Zamparelli's tweet asking 'why?' she responded by saying 'why not?'

A number of others responded to her tweet questioning the need for a discussion around face masks because of the current guidance from the Government around wearing them.

She recently tweeted clarifying the discussion saying "Wow so much abuse so few characters...

"Firstly considering the protests on the weekend we want to look at the psychology behind someone who does not wear a mask despite the overwhelming medical advice. Wearing a mask is not a debate. No one said that.

"We know what is right and we know we should wear a mask. But there are still those who feel it is a discussion that should be had, why is that?

According to the Government's current guidelines, face masks must be worn in a number of indoor locations. These included places like the shops, pharmacies, libraries, cinemas, musuems, theatres, concert halls and hair saloons. They are also mandatory on public transport as well.

During the weekend an estimated 2,000 people took part in anti-mask demonstrations in Dublin, organised by a group called Yellow Vest Ireland.