Jane Danson says Corrie co-stars are queuing up to do Dancing On Ice

Jane Danson has said her Coronation Street co-stars are queuing up to follow in her skate-marks and test themselves on Dancing On Ice.

The actress was eliminated from the ITV competition at the weekend but said her spin on the rink had inspired some of her cast-mates.

“There is quite a queue!” she said.

“I think because we are all fortunate that we do a job that we love, but a few of us have now been through this process before.

“I think we all say the same thing: ‘It is really tough. It is hard work and it is gruelling but at the same time it’s wonderful!’”

“There is a lot of people at Corrie who would like to give it a go,” she added.

Danson was shown the door after she and fellow contestant Ryan Sidebottom ended up in a skate-off against Melody Thornton on Sunday.

Judges Jane Torvill, Christopher Dean, Ashley Banjo and Jason Gardiner chose to keep Thornton in the competition, and Danson and Sidebottom were cut.

However, the actress said although she was disappointed she felt “slightly relieved at the same time”.

Discussing the challenges of the competition, she said: “I think the hardest thing was learning a routine in a really short space of time.

“It was quite a high-pressure situation for all of us.

“Certainly, on a personal level with no dance experience, I found it especially challenging.

“The week seemed to run away with you a little bit and you were always kind of living on your nerves.”

“I think I underestimated the commitment because Dancing On Ice is a dangerous sport,” added the actress.

“It’s not something you can just rock up and do. You have to have all the safety elements covered and you’ve got to know what you’re doing.

“Balancing travel and a full-time job with family life as well, it was a challenge certainly.”

- Press Association

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