Jackass star Steve-O has operation after jet fuel stunt

Reality TV star Steve-O has undergone surgery in hospital after “making snow angels in rocket engine fuel”.

The 42–year-old, who is known for his wild stunts on US prank series Jackass, revealed in a video posted online that he was left covered in boils after laying down in the fuel and swirling his arms around.

He later posted a picture of himself in a hospital bed on Instagram, telling his 2.9 million followers that after experiencing more pain he had went to hospital and had an operation.

Steve-O wrote: “The pain only increased for the five days since I got burned, so I went to the hospital asking for a numbing burn cream.

“When they saw my burns they said I needed surgery, so that just happened.

“This whole experience is great for two reasons– my new comedy special is truly the next level of crazy and awesome, and I finally have an answer for the one question I’ve been asked BY FAR the most: “which stunt hurt the most?” The answer– “Fire Angels in my living room at my house”.

“I can’t wait for you to see how insane and hilarious the five different pyro stunts in my living were! Thank you all for the love and support!”

A second image showed Steve-O and a woman lying on together on his hospital bed.

He said: “From this very hospital bed, I just sent the following text with this photo to my dearest loved ones (who have been super worried about me): A kind of poopy night turned into truly blissful perfection.

“The scariest part was having dilaudid through my IV (especially awkward talking to you on FaceTime after that, Dr. Drew!).

“No more painkillers, I’m all good now.

“Thank you, guys, for all of the concern and support. We love you all… Lux and Steve.”


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