Ireland’s Got Talent's third golden buzzer was simply 'Xquisite'

By Anna O'Donoghue

If you’ve been tuning in to Ireland’s Got Talent you’ve already seen acts such as singer Lisa McLoughlin and 81-year-old great-grandmother from Tallaght receive those prestigious golden buzzers.

This week it was a children’s Latin dance troupe, Xquisite that enticed judge Denise Van Outen to send them straight through to the semi-finals.

The group, aged from eight to 11, wowed the crowd with their lively upbeat dance to Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off.

The dance duos usually compete against each other but teacher Nicole decided to enter them as a team for this occasion.

At first, Denise hesitated to press the buzzer, “Everything about that from start to finish was fantastic. Everybody here loved it.

“You know can I just say I was very, very tempted to press the Golden Buzzer.”

After some enticement from the crowd, she changed her mind last minute.

The moment even moved host Lucy Kennedy to tears.

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