Internet sensation Dodie is returning to Dublin

YouTuber, Dodie has announced that she is returning to Dublin as part of her 2018 European Tour.

Following the success of her debut ‘Intertwined’ which reached the UK Top 40 Albums Charts and a swiftly sold-out debut headline tour Dodie released her second EP ‘You’ in August.

The Internet sensation has over a million subscribers on her YouTube channel and 160,000 followers across her social media accounts.

The first offering from ‘You’ is fan favourite ‘6/10’.

During the recording process, dodie reached out to her fans to ask if they could contribute their vocals for the climax of ‘6/10’. Over nine thousand entries were logged and included in the track.

Since the release of ‘Intertwined’ 22-year-old Dodie has reached over 100 million views across her channel, ’Intertwined’ has also reached over 15 million streams.

By Anna O'Donoghue

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