I am part of the problem, documentary maker Morgan Spurlock admits

Film documentary director Morgan Spurlock has confessed in an online post to sexual harassment, infidelity and said a woman accused him of rape in college.

In the post, which he linked to from his verified Twitter account, Mr Spurlock recounted a sexual encounter in college which he said he thought was consensual, but said the woman believed it was rape.

Mr Spurlock also said he paid a settlement to a woman who worked at his office whom he would call "hot pants" or "sex pants".

In the post, the director said he thought it was funny, but later realised he was demeaning her.

Mr Spurlock, who is best known for the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, also wrote that he has "been unfaithful to every wife and girlfriend I have ever had".

He continued the post by declaring that "he will do better", and ends saying that he is finally "ready to listen".

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