How to use Kim Kardashian's make up tricks to fake a gym-honed body

We all want to look fit and toned, but sometimes we just don’t have time to make it happen.

So if you have an event coming up where your arms will be on show, or you want a toned stomach without the work, you can cheat – with the help of Kim Kardashian.

The reality star loves highlighting and contouring make up techniques, but you don’t just have to use them on your face.

First, do as Kim does. Highlight the areas where light naturally hits your face and darken the areas where shadows naturally fall, this can have a slimming effect and it can also give you chiselled cheekbones.

And for the rest of you…

For a six pack and more cleavage

Apply dark fake tan or a bronzer to the areas that you want to define and then highlight the other areas with a lighter colour.

To get rid of a double chin

To get rid of your double chin apply a generous amount of self-tanner to a cotton ball and apply to the neck area. Next, trace along your jawbone with the tanner and blend.

But before you get too excited, the women in the videos looked pretty toned before they put the makeup on…

For gym toned arms

To fake buff arms, apply a generous amount of self-tan to the tricep area, and then darken the bicep area to give it more definition. You can also layer the self-tan if you want it to look more dramatic.

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