How Cuckoo's Taylor Lautner is still struggling with the British sense of humour

Taylor Lautner has admitted he is struggling to get used to British humour.

The American heartthrob – known to Twilight fans for his role as werewolf Jacob Black – is joining BBC 3 comedy Cuckoo for its second series.

Appearing on the Jonathan Ross Show, he said: “I had to adjust to the kind of comedy here, it’s a little more sarcastic, a little dry.

Taylor Lautner (Evan Agostini/Invision)

“But I’m learning and I love it, it’s such a fun time and our cast is all great people.”

The actor has also been trying to get his head around British words and phrases – including slang.

He complained: “I’m not sure what ‘cheeky’ means. I hear it used so much and in so many different ways, I can’t identify the real meaning of it.

“I don’t even know if it’s a good or a bad thing!”

Taylor recently attempted to break the world record for most selfies taken in three minutes (Lauren Hurley/PA)

Taylor, 24, starred in the Twilight franchise alongside Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart when he was just a teenager.

He recalled: “I was 15 when I auditioned and filmed the first one at 16… Overall it was amazing, unbelievable, but it’s crazy none of us knew when we got the job and we started filming.

“We had no idea it would be popular or successful or anything so it was kind of just thrown at us.”

Taylor Lautner with his Twilight co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (Chris Pizzello/AP)

In Cuckoo, Taylor is to play a mysterious young stranger who shows up in Lichfield, where the show – which also stars Greg Davies and Helen Baxendale – is based.

The second series is set two years after the title character Cuckoo – played by Andy Samberg – disappeared while researching a book in the Himalayas, leaving his wife Rachel (Tamla Kari) to forge a new life.

Her parents Ken (Davies) and Lorna (Baxendale) and brother Dylan (Tyger Drew-Honey) are getting their lives back to normal when Taylor’s character shows up.

The Jonathan Ross Show airs on Saturday at 9.45pm on ITV.


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