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Tuesday 2 January 2018
By's Rick Levine

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    Although we start the day with high hopes, we may need to adjust our unrealistic expectations as we go. The nurturing Cancer Moon forms a Grand Water Trine with Neptune, Mars and Jupiter, enabling us to be comfortable with our feelings. However, we are agitated as the Moon opposes suspicious Pluto and squares rebellious Uranus. Thankfully, we won’t likely be pulled too far off center with four planets establishing roots in hardworking Capricorn.

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  • Aries
    Mar 21 - Apr 20

    You are on a self-defined mission today, but you could inadvertently stimulate resistance if others think your arrogance needs to be brought down a notch. You are so motivated that you might not stop to think about the impact of your headstrong style now. It’s wiser to involve your coworkers as allies than turn them into enemies. However, you will surely push people’s emotional buttons if you assume control without earning it. Kenneth Blanchard wrote, “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.”

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  • Taurus
    Apr 21 - May 21

    You may be reluctant to talk about your feelings because you’re afraid that someone won’t approve of your behavior. Ironically, if you take a risk and share something revealing, others may surprise you with their support. Nevertheless, you could convince yourself that people are only pretending to accept you as you are. Scientists often apply the logic of ‎William of Ockham who theorized that shaving away the complexities of a problem left the simplest solution as the correct one. There’s no need to dream up unspoken hostilities. Respond to what you know and not what you fear.

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  • Gemini
    May 22 - Jun 22

    You might grow overly worried about a relationship at work if someone’s behavior seems very abrupt today. People may distance themselves from you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable in their presence. The current dynamics are stressful, but fortunately, they are just ripples in your awareness. You could inadvertently strengthen negative emotions by holding onto them, even if your intention is to sort them out. Observe your reactions in real time without becoming attached to them. Letting go enables you to move on.

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  • Cancer
    Jun23 - Jul 23

    Although you thought things were slowing down, the pace picks up today when unforeseen events require you to shift into crisis management mode. There may be a growing resistance to your ideas from those closest to you, and it’s unwise to rock the boat. If someone in your immediate environment wants to take charge, let them. You will be more effective working behind the scenes or supporting others now. The most successful leaders know when to follow another’s lead.

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  • Leo
    Jul 24 - Aug 23

    You are eager to get to work today, as if you have an important date with success. The cosmic momentum is building and your unwavering determination works in your favor. Keep in mind that this energy lasts for several days, giving you plenty of time to find your groove. Once you establish a sustainable rhythm, don’t stop until you reach your destination. Hard work and persistence is an unbeatable combination.

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  • Virgo
    Aug 24 - Sep 23

    You are an integral part of your community and your mere presence helps everyone stay on course. Your creative energy is more obsessive and compulsive today than it is impulsive, enabling you to keep the ship steady no matter the conditions. Nevertheless, you have the ability to step into the center of attention, make your case and take charge, if that’s what’s required. Your confidence is your ticket to success.

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  • Libra
    Sep 24 - Oct 23

    It can feel like an act of futility to try to manifest the wonderful things that appear in your dreams. There is no doubt that powerful cosmic energies are converging on your life, creating the potential for success as well as stress. Unfortunately, you might be tempted to give up if you meet resistance now. Retreating to your safety zone helps you get through the day, but it’s not a practical prescription for building a happy life. Buddhist teacher Stephen Batchelor wrote, “We cannot choose whether to engage with the world, only how to.”

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  • Scorpio
    Oct 24 - Nov 22

    You aren’t ready to jump back into the fray, yet you might not have much of a choice in the matter. Whether you must return to work, school or your regularly scheduled routine, you’re not interested in wasting your energy performing tasks to satisfy others now. Instead, you need time to assimilate recent experiences so you can apply them for the benefit of all. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

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  • Sagittarius
    Nov 23 - Dec 21

    Your mind may be focused on improving your financial condition and, thankfully, you have the tools to do it. However, success could be elusive if you attempt to head out on your own today. Cosmic indications point to a powerful but relatively silent partner that’s already floating around in your environment, even you’re not aware of it yet. For now, continue to focus on your goals without being distracted by any recent setbacks. Be patient; help is on the way.

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  • Capricorn
    Dec 22 - Jan 20

    Finding professional satisfaction is an uphill battle these days. Even if your goals are well defined, you still may need to revamp them before completing the last part of your adventure. Someone very close to you could complicate your progress by presenting you with an emotional dilemma that distracts you from your agenda. Even if this problem isn’t yours, you might be invited to participate in finding a solution -- and you can’t really decline. Stephen Covey wrote, “The key to life is not accumulation. It’s contribution.”

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  • Aquarius
    Jan 21 - Feb 19

    Your convictions are much stronger than anyone realizes today. In fact, your current optimism can hide the intensity of your optimistic ambitions. You have set your goals high and are quite determined to reach them, whatever the cost. However, your coworkers might write you off as a lightweight now because you don’t appear to be all that invested in making your dreams come true. Don’t waste time worrying about what others think of your efforts. Ultimately, the fruits of your labor will speak loudly and clearly all on their own.

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  • Pisces
    Feb 20 - Mar 20

    Maintaining your position within your work group requires extra diligence today. But if your mind wanders, you could miss something important, leading you to lose face amongst your peers. Oddly enough, the key to unwavering concentration is not managing what you focus on; it’s owning your sense of self-esteem. When you think less of yourself, you simply won’t be able to give one hundred percent on the job. When you value who you are and what you do, everything else will fall into place.

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