Hilton guest stars at Vienna's Opera Ball

Hundreds of frenzied fans welcomed Paris Hilton as she made an appearance at a Vienna shopping centre.

“Hello everybody, it’s so good to see you,” the 25-year-old hotel heiress/reality TV star cooed as the crowd went crazy. “Happy late Valentine’s Day!”

The session was cut short when several objects landed on the stage and Hilton was whisked away by security guards.

Mr Richard Lugner, who is Ms Hilton’s Vienna host, said the flying objects included cigarette packs, tissues and lipsticks. The 74-year-old married construction magnate invites a celebrity to the city’s prestigious Opera Ball each year. His previous guests have included singer Geri Halliwell and actresses Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra.

The Austria Press Agency reported that sheets of paper that floated onto the stage were fliers from a communist youth organisation.

Ms Hilton later dismissed the incident as “no big deal” and said she loved her fans.

The Opera Ball, which was held last night, attracted about 4,500 well-heeled Austrian and foreign celebrities, dignitaries and socialites. Tickets often sell out months in advance.

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