Hennessy shortlist of best of new Irish writing announced

Bernard MacLaverty
By Denise O’Donoghue

The shortlist for the Hennessy Literary Awards has been announced.

The awards celebrate emerging literary talent from across Ireland.

Categories include First Fiction, Emerging Fiction and Emerging Poetry categories, as well as the overall Hennessy New Irish Writer for 2018

Novelist Bernard MacLaverty, will be the 16th person from the Irish literary world inducted into the Hennessy Literary Awards Hall of Fame.

The shortlistees for this year’s Hennessy Literary Awards are:

    First Fiction:

  • Aaron Finnegan from Louth for Just This
  • Maeve McGowan based in Cork for The Summer of Wasps
  • Samuel McManus based in Bray for The Dog in the Story
  • Pat Nolan based in Dublin Women and Other Anthropoids
  • Marty Thornton from Galway for The Mighty Quinn

    Emerging Fiction:
  • Manus Boyle Tobin based in Dublin for The Drizzle on the Windscreen
  • Angela Finn based in Dublin for The Architect’s House in Summer
  • Ellen Kelly based in Dublin for This Thing
  • Niall McArdle based in Dublin for The Light on the Water
  • Ruth McKee based in Dublin for There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done
  • Lani O’Hanlon based in Waterford for Undressing the Muse
  • Maeve O’Lynn based in Belfast for Inside

    Emerging Poetry:

  • Louise G Cole based in Roscommon for Fur Coat and No Knickers and Dirty
  • Little Dresses
  • Chris Connolly based in Dublin for Particulars of Bovine Husbandry and Old-age Sensibility
  • Eoin Devereux based in Limerick for The Bodhi Tree
  • Billy Fenton based in Kilkenny for Cracked Voices
  • Majella Kelly from Galway for Lichenology and Funeral
  • Aoife Lyall based in Scotland for Arcania and Hermit Crab

Hennessy will reveal the winners at the 47th annual Hennessy Literary Awards on March 21.

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