'Greatest proposal ever' aired on RTÉ last night and viewers swooned

Alison Spittle's comedy 'Nowhere Fast' has been delighting viewers, and its second episode, which aired last night, had a major scene that got people talking, writes Denise O'Donoghue.

The scene shows Bríd and Mick sitting on the couch eating takeaway when Bríd finds what she thinks is "another tooth" in her curry.

Her face lights up when she realises it is, in fact, an engagement ring.

A pleased Mick reveals he went to a lot of effort to hide the ring in her food.

"I smashed ten fortune cookies trying to get it in, so I just fucked it into the chips then," he says.

It went down well with those watching at home, with many calling it the greatest proposal ever.

Relationship goals.

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