Get the look: Kylie Jenner’s new denim blue hair

Kylie Jenner unveiled not one but two new hair colours over the weekend, first a super-bright fuchsia pink and then a cool metallic blue.

Our favourite? It’s got to be the latter, which the 21-year-old called ‘denim blue’.

denim blue 🆗

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This isn’t the first time the reality star, who gave birth to daughter Stormi in February, has dyed her locks blue (a couple of years ago she rocked a lighter shade). This time though it’s a definite indigo tone rather than a soft pastel, perhaps in response to the denim hair trend that’s been all over Instagram lately.

“Kylie Jenner’s latest blue hair selfie sent the internet crazy and this colour is set to be hugely popular as a result,” says Crazy Color Brand Ambassador Paul Callaghan. “From indigo to stonewash there are lots of options for you to find your perfect fit – denim blue hues complement a number of skin tones.”

We know Jenner is a fan of wigs (remember back in 2016 when the then 18-year-old claimed she ‘started wigs’?) so we can’t be certain that she has actually coloured her hair this time, but what if you do want to try the denim dye job? Here, Callaghan talks us through how to get the look…

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1. If your hair is dark, you will need to pre-lighten it slightly if you want a strong blue finish.

2. Should you choose not to pre-lighten your hair the Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Color Creams will leave a subtle slick of blue that will show up best under the light. To get Jenner’s look, use equal parts of Peacock and Sky Blue. Simply apply this generously all over your hair after washing and leave to process for up to 30 minutes. Make sure that all of your hair is saturated with the cream to ensure an even finish.

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3. If you want more of a pastel tone, mix some of the Rainbow Color Care Deep Conditioner in with the cream to dilute the intensity of the blue. As this color is semi-permanent it will fade quicker than permanent dye would so you are best to use a shampoo and conditioner specifically for coloured hair.

4. The Vibrant Shampoo in Blue will help lock in the colour and as it is salt and sulphate free it’ll keep your colour looking fresh and vibrant for longer.

5. If you aren’t ready to take the plunge like Kylie you can always add some blue through the ends of your hair to create a stunning blue balayage.

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