George R.R. Martin has opened his own bookshop, and it only sells autographed books

He already dominates most of the world’s fantasy sections, and now George R.R. Martin has set up a bookshop of his own.

Attached to the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, New Mexico – also owned by the author – Beastly Books will sell signed volumes from all genres, mostly penned by the many writers that have taken part in talks and events at the cinema next door.

“Dozens of terrific, award-winning, bestselling writers have appeared at the JCC to speak, read, and sign their books,” Martin wrote on his blog. “All of them have signed stock for us. The only problem was the Jean Cocteau lobby was far too small for us to display all these wonderful autographed books.”

Visitors will find titles by David Levine, Leonard Maltin, Diana Gabaldon and many more, naturally sharing the shelves with a vast catalogue of Martin’s own work. An autographed, illustrated hardback of Clash of Kings will set you back US$50, while the remaining Thrones novels cost $45.

Martin himself snipped the ribbon at the opening ceremony, and the shop also offers tea, coffee and snacks, alongside mounds of thrones-themed merchandise. Expect signed Game of Thrones calendars, signed Game of Thrones graphic novels, and even signed Game of Thrones cookbooks (A Feast Of Ice & Fire).

Products can be purchased in-store or online, and, since they’re all signed, are available while stocks last.

The shop is not, at time of writing, stocking The Winds of Winter, Martin’s long-awaited next entry in A Song of Ice and Fire. We’re sure he’ll finish it some day.

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