Fun train derailed as Perez Hilton and Kavana evicted from Big Brother

Perez Hilton left the Celebrity Big Brother house to boos as he became the seventh person evicted from the famous residence in a double eviction night which also saw Kavana booted out.

Perez had repeatedly told his fellow housemates that he was ready to go and was seemingly ecstatic to hear his name called out by CBB presenter Emma Willis.

He punched the air and ran from the house not even pausing to say goodbyes to the remaining guests and finalists Calum Best, Keith Chegwin, Katie Hopkins, Michelle Visage and Katie Price.

Throughout the eviction show he was holding a sort-of ping pong paddle with the word Mayito crudely written on, much to many people’s questions, which he continued to hold on the way to podium outside.

In his post interview with Emma he reiterated how he was adamant it was right for him to go, not least because it came to him in a dream the previous night.

“I’m so happy to be out of the house,” he told a skeptical Emma. “I dreamed last night that I was leaving today, and every single person said ‘You’re not going’, but I said ‘My dream was so real’ – my hope got me out.”

Asked if he had any regrets, he said: “Yes, I regret entering the house, because it has been a traumatic experience for me, I’ve suffered so much pain in that house, I know what I experienced in that house.”

We’re so not sure about that Perez.

He said he wanted to go in the house to explain who he was and that viewers got to see the real “crazy, silly me”.

Perez suggested Calum should now be voted the winner saying simply, and somewhat cryptically, that he “deserved to win”, before realising that his endorsement might backfire on the poor lad.

But it was (boring) Kavana who was first to be evicted, meaning he attracted the least number of votes from the public.

In a stark contrast to Perez, he worked the room before he left the CBB house, getting hugs from one-time enemy Keith, and a promise to “see you in a minute” from a nervous-looking Katie Price who reckoned she too was for the chop.

Calum turned life-coach on the news that Kavana was to go repeating “talk about the good, the experience Kav”.

“Oh. My. God,” Kav said as he sat down with Emma. “I have never experience anything like that in my entire life.”

True to Calum’s word he focussed on the experience calling it a “twisted freak show, night and day”.

But he too was happy to leave, or should that be gracious in defeat. Kav acknowledged that some people in the house wanted to win so therefore deserved to stay; picking Michelle, Calum and amusingly, Perez.

But Perez is now no more. Voting for the final is now open with the winner crowned on Friday.


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