Fire jugglers and stilt walkers: The Script play Cork, For The First Time

By Anna O'Donoghue

They’ve been fighting for it all their lives, they’ve been working every day and night … and at long last, The Script made their way to Cork’s Live at the Marquee, for the first time.

The three-piece band have been on the road since September 2017, following the release of their fourth number one album, 'Freedom Child’.

And with four Irish dates under their belt already, including the Belsonic Music Festival in Belfast the night previous, I wondered if the Superheros are still able to fly.

Either way, the sun was out, the huns were out!

Amid the sea Instagram photoshoots and pink-gin selfie moments, you could find fans as young as six to the age of 60, all eagerly awaiting the band’s debut gig in the Rebel County.

In an unusual start to a show, self-recorded fan messages began to appear on the screen.

“Freedom is to be yourself, unapologetically,” one said.

“Freedom doesn’t care what sex or gender you are,” stated another as Danny O’Donoghue appeared center stage and the group launched into their first hit of the night, Superheros.

The Cork crowd took the front man’s breath away from the beginning, “Holy s**t, we’re only three songs in. I can feel the love,”.

It didn’t take long for the band to take things up a gear, as the emerald aesthetic set in for Paint The Town Green, O’Donoghue donned his invisible ring-master coat and welcomed Waterford’s Wobbly Circus to the stage.

Hugh Jackman wouldn’t have got a look in - a bearded lady on stilts, fire throwers and jugglers, oh my!

We hear you Danny, if this is only the third song, what’s to come next?

Hit after hit they knocked out their new Freedom singles, as well as taking the crowd on an emotional journey through their extensive back catalogue.

O’Donoghue’s vocals proved flawless with an a capella version of Man Who Can’t Be Moved.

“We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we’re only as good as our audience and you, Cork are bringing out the best in this band tonight,” guitarist Mark Sheehan said to crowd before launching in No Man Is An Island.

“Do you want to have some fun?” O’Donoghue asked the crowd.

"Raise your right hand, put it around the person on your left and your other hand around the person on your right".

Before we knew it, he was leading us into, what can only be described as, a giant Siege of Ennis.

Just goes to show, whatever they said, the crowd followed. 4,000 people in the palm of their hands and we loved every minute.

The Energy Never Dies saw O’Donoghue jump the stage barrier and join the crowd.

He dashed from stage left, to stage right and finally straight through the middle, shoulder to shoulder shaking hands and high fiving with concert-goers - only stopping to grab a pint from a fan.

“Tonight is a night I’ll take to the grave with me,” an emotional Danny said mid-bows.

The encore of No Good In Goodbye and Breakeven was beautifully accompanied by a phenomenal light show of LED lasers, lights and visuals until a sea of phones lights began to emerge from the crowd.

“Music is the only true religion, music doesn’t care what colour you are, what sex you are or who you love,” he said before welcoming everyone to the Script family.

And as the band are the country’s biggest musical exports this side of U2, it was only fitting to end the night with Hall of Fame.

It may have been their first time playing Cork, but from the love felt in the venue tonight, it won’t be their last.

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