'Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son' one to avoid

Director: John Whitesell

Cast: Martin Lawrence, Brandon T. Jackson, Fairzon Love, Jessica Lucas

Cert: PG

Once again we face the age-old question: who was the knuckle-head who thought this load of garbage would entice anyone to pay to watch it?

This, heaven help us, is the third outing for the charmless and painfully unfunny Lawrence as FBI agent Malcolm Turner to foist his talentless self on us as the obese Big Momma, bringing along Jackson as his son-in-law Trent … it wasn’t funny first time around and it certainly isn’t funny now.

The plot, in case you have a touch of the stupids and decide to waste your money, sees Turner/Momma and Trent fetch up in a girls’ art school after the latter has seen a murder and must find the killer before he finds him … your money will be on the killer.

Simple message: avoid at all costs.

Star Rating: 0/5

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