Fans are delighted with new Star Trek: Discovery episodes

Star Trek fans have praised new series Star Trek: Discovery for keeping true to the original story more than 50 years after it was first aired.

Many have said they are already hooked after the first two action-packed episodes of Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman’s sequel to the hit sci-fi franchise were officially launched across the world on online streaming service Netflix on Monday.

The new episodes opened with a bang as viewers saw Starfleet first officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) commit mutiny and apparently kill off Captain Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh).

The last series, Star Trek: Enterprise, finished in 2005 and was followed in 2009 by JJ Abrams’ big screen adaptation.

Star Trek: five decades of exploring the final frontier (PA Graphics)

Delighted fan Colin Smith said of the fresh instalments on Twitter: “One thing can be said for Star Trek Discovery from the off – this is most certainly Trek & not any desperate attempt to be something else.”

Greg Scott Bailey wrote: “15 minutes in to Star Trek: Discovery and I’m hooked so far. Watching more on my next lunch break.”

Rai Aren posted: “Loved the first two episodes of #StarTrekDiscovery !!! Gorgeous show, compelling story!!,” while another said: “Well, that was the best pilot to a Star Trek series I’ve ever seen. Well done.”

Ryan Manley tweeted Martin-Green directly to say: “I come from a long line of Trekkies and I gotta say that you killed it…This show has surpassed the hype!!#StarTrekDiscovery.”

Some were less impressed with certain elements of the modern series and the updated Starfleet uniforms in particular caused a stir.

One disgruntled viewer hit out: “Your new show is boring. Please… stop making generic sci-fi and make actual Star Trek.”

On Monday, Netflix also announced that it was celebrating the new release by sharing a special edition Klingon trailer and making Klingon subtitles available for 15 episodes.


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