Fake Australian housemate to join BB house

Laura was evicted from the Big Brother house tonight as a new “Australian” housemate was revealed.

Housemates were shown footage of a newcomer, Pauline, and were led to believe that she was up for eviction in the Australian version of Big Brother.

However, host Davina McCall told viewers that the new housemate was not in fact a 26-year-old waitress from Australia, but actress Thaila Zucchi, planted by Big Brother as part of its upcoming “Fake Week”.

When housemates believed they saw Pauline speaking from a diary room in Australia tonight, she was actually on their doorstep in a “fake” room at the studio.

“Oh my God, I love England,” Thaila, in character as Pauline, exclaimed when she was told she would be transferred to the London version of the show.

“Oh, it’s summer out there!” she added.

The housemates were also told that Laura would be joining the Big Brother house in Australia.

Earlier, the 23-year-old from Wales had reacted calmly when she discovered she had been voted out.

The Big Brother housemates clapped and waved as Laura, wearing a leopard print dressing gown, made her exit.

Booing mixed with cheers from the public waiting outside the north London studio.

“Come on crowds, what’s all that about?” she said.

She told McCall that her attitude had changed towards being in the house because “it’s boring” and implied that she deliberately tried to get other housemates to nominate her.

When asked why she became involved in arguments and back biting she said: “Oh I had to do that.”

She blamed the long periods she spent in bed on backache.

“My back kills, it’s my boobs. Come on guys,” she said before admitting “alright, I do like my bed.”

Laura, nicknamed “Wangers” because of her ample bosom, had been the favourite for eviction this week after she was nominated by five housemates, who said she was “critical”, “snide”, “judgmental”, “selfish”, “bossy” and “loud”.

On the other housemates, Laura was characteristically blunt, criticising Chanelle’s relationship with Ziggy and saying that Carole was “obsessive and whingey”.

And she denied that she had a crush on 22-year-old tree surgeon Liam.

“He reminded me of my brother, so that would be about minus a hundred,” she said.

She is the fourth housemate to be evicted in the series.

Her down-to-earth nature had initially made her the bookmakers’ favourite to win the show, but her recent behaviour turned her housemates and the public against her.

She was evicted with 68% of the public vote.

She lost out to 19-year-old student Chanelle, whose tempestuous relationship with fellow housemate Ziggy has dominated the show.

“Pauline” will join the show on Sunday and housemates will be set a number of Australian themed tasks in the next few days to make her feel at home.

What they won’t know is that the real task is actually guessing if Pauline is a fake, or not.

“Fake Week” will culminate in a fake eviction that viewers will be in on, programme makers have said.

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