Fair City's 2017 best bits

What a year it’s been in Carrigstown!

Between secrets, lies, kidnappings and returning characters let’s reminisce on what’s been a year of serious drama for the Fair City folk, writes Sally Gorman.

Now, whether you’re a Fair City fan or not there is no denying that Katy’s kidnapping certainly captured the nation - no pun intended.

Katy's kidnapping was the longest storyline in Fair City history.

Watch the highs and lows of Katy’s year here.

For better or for worse we’re actually not sure but the longest running plot line in the soap’s history managed to gain ample media attraction.

For example, this ’Katy in me box’ remix by FM104’s Strawberry Alarm Clock.

Members of the public took it upon themselves to ’Free Katy’ and started an online petition which was very well received and totted up over 7,000 signatures.

Bus companies even got involved and offered their services in a bid to rescue to the troubled teen from her captor Ciaran.

How could we forget?

But the drama in Carrigstown this year didn’t stop there.

Remember Heather’s botched kidnapping attempt?

2017 just wasn’t poor Heather’s year, we watched her poison her own daughter, suffer a coma, lose her memory but on the bright side her husband Brendan returned. Silver linings eh?

Heather poisoned her own daughter this year before losing her memory after a fall from a staircase in a shopping centre.

Here’s Heather’s best bits.

What about old favourite Carol Foley? This year saw her gain a husband but lose a father.

Here’s Carol’s 2017 highlights.

Carol Foley had fights on her hands from all sides this year.

Will Ferrell was right after all when he said ’in Fair City, nothing is fair’ during his Gobblebox appearance last month.

All we can do is hope that 2018 is just as eventful in Carraigstown.


Fair City
By Sally Gorman
Digital Journalist

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