Essex gets ITV2 series

ITV2 has ordered a full series of 'Educating Joey Essex'.

The former 'The Only Way is Essex' star will travel around the world to experience different cultures in the documentary series, following the success of his one-off special set in Africa earlier this year.

The new series will kick off in Brazil in time for the World Cup, with Joey, 23, expected to learn more about his favourite sport, football, and the Brazilian culture.

Joey said: "I'm from a football-mad family, but I don't really know a lot about football. I want to learn more. I know the cards, but what's the sideman called? The man at the side with the flag?"

Executive producer Phil Harris said: "Joey's list of things that he wants to learn about are eclectic to say the least! We can't wait to bring ITV2 viewers everything from football to aliens, the Joey Essex way."

The series - which will air on ITV2 this summer - follows Joey's previous adventures in Africa, where he was bitten by a monkey while filming 'Educating Joey Essex'.

A source said: "Joey was so excited as he loves monkeys - but Milo immediately bit him.

"Despite having his jabs, Joey freaked out saying he was going to catch rabies. He saw a doctor and everything was fine."

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