Electric Picnic 2018 loyalty scheme tickets sell out in record time

The loyalty scheme tickets for Electric Picnic 2018 have sold out.

The organisers say that they have sold out in record time - taking them by surprise.

"Our loyalty scheme and use of discount code was due to end at 5pm 31st October however this year they have sold out even faster than last year," said the organisers.

"Fans of Electric Picnic have proved to be very loyal and with the festival having sold out so early for 2017, fans were even more eager than usual to snap up the loyalty tickets," they said.

Early bird tickets are still available priced at €205, as is the ticket purchase instalment plan.

The instalment plan is a three payment scheme available between September 8 and October 17.

First payment is upon purchase, the second in the beginning of November and the final payment is in the beginning of December.

For more information, you can check out their website.

Better hurry if you are thinking of going to EP 2018!

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By Amy Ryan
By Amy Ryan

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