EastEnders fans fear for baby Abi Branning as Rainie returns to Albert Square

EastEnders fans have shared their suspicions about why former drug addict Rainie Cross has returned to Albert Square.

The character, played by Tanya Franks, reappeared in Tuesday’s episodes when it was revealed she had secretly married her sister Tanya’s ex Max Branning (Jake Wood).

Fans suspect Rainie has designs on baby Abi Branning, the child of Max’s dead daughter Abi.

Max introduced his new bride to Abi as “her great aunt and grandma all rolled into one”.

He added: “I swear to you you’re going to be with me, with us, soon enough.”

Fans speculated that getting hold of the baby was the real reason the couple got married.

One wrote on Twitter: “I was right! It was all about Baby Abi!”

Another wrote: “The look on Rainie’s face! She wants to be a mother to little Abi.”

One more said: “Hmmm right I think Rainie is going to take Abi off Max.”

Yet another added: “So Max and Rainie’s marriage is a sham to help him adopt Abi’s baby.”

The soap continues on BBC One at 8pm on Friday.

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