Dr Dre: 'Paintball drive-by arrest inspired rap classic'

Dr Dre was inspired to write controversial rap classic 'F**k tha police' with his N.W.A. bandmates after he and Eazy E were pulled over by cops for carrying out a series of drive-by paintball shootings.

Dre and the late Eazy E were so disgusted by what they thought was mistreatment at the hands of the police, they immediately went to the studio to record the late '80s song - which became an instant gangsta rap anthem.

Dre recalls: "It was me and Eazy riding around. He had this paintball gun, and he was shooting people at bus stops. The cops caught us and we were face down on the freeway, with guns pointed at us.

"We thought it was bulls**t. So we went to the studio and created the song."

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