Disney star Victoria Justice brands nude photos a violation of privacy

Since the news of the massive photo hacking scandal earlier this week several victimised celebrities have been denying that the nude photos are theirs.

Victoria Justice was among these stars who initially deined all reports that she was one of the 101 female celebrities victimized a hacker or hackers, who published private nude photos of the stars.

Today the Disney star has taken to Twitlonger acknowledging that she was faced with a serious violation of her privacy.

“Shortly after I tweeted about certain pics of me being fake, I was faced with a serious violation of privacy. There have always been fake photos of me on the internet, but I will not be put in the position to defend myself as to what is real or what is fake.

“I am angry at this massive invasion of privacy, and like the other women who are in this situation alongside of me, I am taking legal action to protect my rights,” she tweeted.

Spider-Man actress Kirsten Dunst, who is also reportedly a victim of the leak, pointed the finger of blame when she tweeted:

The alleged hacker or hackers is now said to be on the run from police as photos released of Olympic athlete McKayla Maroney were taken when the gold medalist was under age. Therefore police are now persuing a possible child pornography case - even though the athlete herself has denied the photos are her.

By Anna O'Donoghue

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