Des Cahill reveals terrible family tragedy on Late Late Show

Last night's Late Late Show broadcast an emotional interview with RTE sportscaster Des Cahill.

Cahill told Ryan Tubridy about a terrible family tragedy which he recounts in his book Play It Again, Des.

Des's father had a first marriage but his wife and two of their four children died in the 1950s in Clare.

It happened when the children got in trouble swimming in a lake and she went in to try to rescue them.

His father subsequently married Des's mother and the family never spoke of the tragedy.

A tearful Cahill told Ryan: "His wife brought the four other children to the lake near the house and one of them got into trouble, a girl, her brother followed in, her mother followed in, and they all drowned."

He told of how all of his father's children from both marriages were raised together as one family.

He said: "It wasn't my tragedy… It became my life but I feel bad for them.

"They were my sisters and brothers, we were never called step brothers or sisters."

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