Dash custody case gets messy

Damon Dash's custody battle for his 12-year-old son has turned really nasty - the boy's mother has filed a protection order against the rap mogul chief, claiming he beat her up last week.

Dash's ex-girlfriend Linda Williams alleges she has been the victim of Dash's violence many times, accusing him of pistol-whipping and choking her in the past, but alleges he and a bodyguard beat her last week to keep her away from her son.

The attack came the day after a New York judge ordered Dash, who has custody of the child, to let his ex spend a day with him.

Williams went to American scandal show Celebrity Justice yesterday to tell America just how violent Dash is.

She said: "His father and the bodyguard basically attacked me, punching me to keep me away from my son, and as they were putting him in the van they punched me to the ground."

Williams later filed assault charges with New York police.

She added: "I had bruises on my arm and a couple of bruises on my legs from getting knocked around."

And now, in a filed protection order, she alleges the Roc-A-Fella Records boss pistol-whipped her in 1994, choked her until she was unconscious in 1995, and threatened her with death in 1998.

She told Celebrity Justice: "He's kicked doors, he bit me, he's pistol-whipped me, he's choked me. He's done a lot of things. He's very violent."

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