Country music legend collapses during Late Late Show country special

Charlie Landsborough received medical attention after he collapsed backstage during the Late Late Show country music special on Friday night.

According to the Irish Mirror, the country music legend “fell like a pole to the ground” just after he appeared on the couch with Nathan Carter.

He was rushed straight to the hospital after host Ryan Tubridy, and other RTÉ members of staff ran to his aid.

He was there given the all clear and later thanked the “people of RTÉ”.

“I had a very busy day between rehearsals, appearing on the show and meeting loads of people I knew. The show was great but I was just so busy all day that I forgot to eat.

“I really want to thank the people of RTE. The staff we’re absolutely amazing. They couldn’t have been kinder to me. The hospital staff we’re great too. The doctor gave me the all clear.”

The 75-year-old gave viewers a flawless rendition of his hit, ‘What Colour is the Wind’ and appeared in good spirits during his chat with Ryan and Nathan.

He even had a giggle when he tripped walking to join Carter for a duet.

During the interview he repeatedly thanked the Irish fans for their continued support.

“I’ll never forget what this place did for me, and what Ireland did for me and what this channel did for me. It’s unbelievable, it transformed my life”.

The show itself was the highest rated programme since the Toy Show last year.

By Anna O'Donoghue

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