Coronavirus: Omniplex to implement 'in-cinema seat separation'

By Steve Neville

One of Ireland's largest cinema chains has introduced a range of new measures to help tackle the Covid-19 outbreak.

Omniplex Cinemas have announced that "in-cinema seat separation" will now take place at screenings.

The chain said it made the decision after it carried a risk assessment and analysis of the global cinema market.

In-cinema seat separation means that every second seat in the cinema will be unoccupied for all screenings.

The cinema has also announced it will be implemeting self-scanning for ticekts, increased cleaning regimes and introducing more hand sanitising stations in all foyers.

The company is also encouraging people to use online bookings and contactlesss payments where possible.

Cinema-goers who have questions or concers are advised to contact their local Omniplex.