Comedian John Cleese reminds fans 'I'm still alive' with YouTube channel launch

Monty Python actor John Cleese has launched his own YouTube channel, reminding fans, “I’m still alive”, in a hilarious welcome video.

Wearing a mask of his own face, the 76-year-old urged fans to “waste your time on fresh new Cleese content – well, relatively fresh anyway”, as he launched the new venture last week.

He poked fun at the settlements for his three divorces as he said, “I’m delighted to welcome you to this so I can benefit from the advertising revenue that comes through this latest scam.”

Starting with a countdown of his most famous roles to remind younger audiences exactly who he was, he highlighted his star turns in Monty Python, A Fish Called Wanda, James Bond, Fawlty Towers and media coverage of his divorces.

John began: “I bring you good news, and it’s certainly good in my eyes, I’m still alive!”

He promised videos including “hour after hour of me ranting about the other pythons, recounting tales of the good old days, (and) showing you pictures of cats.”

And he has not failed to deliver – as videos so far include skits as the leader of the Church of JC Capitalist and a retired African colonel.

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