Chris Hemsworth gives hitchhiker lift in helicopter

A hitchhiker was stunned when Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth surprised him with a lift in a helicopter.

The Thor actor picked up the traveller in his native Australia, and offered to take him to Byron Bay.

He said he could have a lift as long as he could “chip in for gas”, which he said would be 4,000 dollars.

Hemsworth and his friend, in a video posted on Instagram, then reveal to their new passenger that they are preparing to take a helicopter from Brisbane to Byron Bay.

He says: “We’re heading to Byron, we’ll give him a lift.”

The video then shows the trio take to the air above the Australian coast before landing and parting ways.

Posting on Instagram, Hemsworth revealed his passenger to be musician Scott Hildebrand.

Hemsworth said: “All right, Scotty, dream’s over, back to the normal hitchhiking now. Kombis and stuff, mate.”

- Press Association

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