Birds Of A Feather stars want Russell Brand as new love interest

Birds Of A Feather stars Lesley Joseph and Linda Robson have revealed they would like Russell Brand to join the show.

The actresses – who play Dorien Green and Tracey Stubbs in the ITV sitcom – said they would be thrilled if the wild-haired Essex funnyman made a guest appearance.

Linda, who plays Tracey, said: “I’d quite like Russell Brand. I wouldn’t mind him being in it.”

Her co-star, who portrays Dorien, added: “Now that would be quite interesting.”

The stars have filmed the 12th series of Birds Of A Feather alongside guest stars Martin Kemp and Jamie Foreman, who reprises his role as Lenny.

Martin plays Vince, who soon catches the eye of maneater Dorien, in the third series of the ITV comedy revival.

Lesley recalled: “It’s extraordinary. When they showed it on the VT (video tape), everybody went ‘Ahhh’. There was a collective groan of wonderment. He’s just so lovely. You could tell he was so right for it by the audience reaction – they absolutely loved him.”

Linda explained: “He’s gorgeous as well. He’s such a lovely boy. I bumped into his brother Gary on the street the other day, and he said something rude. He said, ‘You s****ed my brother!’.”

Lesley, 69, admitted she was in the dark over their guest star, saying: “They didn’t tell me who it was until we actually got to film, and then they suddenly said Martin Kemp is playing Vince.”

The new series, which also features their co-star Pauline Quirke as Sharon Theodopolopodos, will air on ITV in 2016.

Lesley teased: “There’s a death, a funeral and there’s a little bit of love interest. There’s a lot of pure Birds, which is moving but also very funny.

“That’s what makes Birds is the fact it’s a very real relationship between these women.”

The duo said they continue to be surprised by Birds Of A Feather’s enthusiastic fanbase.

“When it was first on, we had 27 million (viewers) at one point,” Lesley said.

“All the kids who watched it then have grown up. All the people who watched it with their grannies are now watching it with their grandchildren. So it’s great that a younger audience is taking to it as well.”

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