Bieber pays tribute to superfan killed in car crash

Justin Bieber has taken to Twitter and Instagram to pay tribute to one of his biggest ‘Bielibers’ who tragically passed a few days ago.

Superfan Alicia Tamboia, 24, died in a car accident on July 4 in Guilderland, New York causing ‘bielibers’ around the world to unite and see #RipAlicia trend worldwide.

According to Alicia’s Instagram and social media accounts she has meet Justin at least five times in the last few years and is extremely close to her fellow ‘Bielibers’ around the world. “I can’t even think of words….” she added to this Instagram pic.

The superfan even signed off her last email to work with “And most importantly….when your hear Justin Bieber I hope you think of me”.

Justin - who has been known to consider his fans as family - has taken to Instagram and Twitter to pay a very sweet tribute to Alicia.

“I heard about Alicia’s passing this weekend. My heart goes out to her family and loved ones. I remember meeting Alicia a few times at my M&G's. She did so much for the Belieber family and I will always love her for that. God is great and I know he will take Alicia into his arms and make sure she is happy so she can also watch over us. I love you Alicia. - Justin”

Fair play Justin, #RipAlicia

By Anna O'Donoghue

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