BB star Sam Pepper offends just about everyone with second bum-pinching video

Ex Big Brother star Sam Pepper is being slammed on Twitter for first uploading a video pinching women’s bums as a “prank”. Then ignoring people’s outrage and uploading a second one of a woman pinching men’s bums.

Sam has two million followers on YouTube and is famous for his pranks, but many people have called his latest videos sexual assault.

You Tube removed the first video called Fake Hand Ass Pinching Prank, posted on September 20, this morning, after someone started the hashtag #reportsampepper. It showed Sam asking for directions from women before touching them.

Then he uploaded another video of a women pinching men’s bums, called Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank (Part 2 of 3).

But no one thought that was funny, or thought-provoking, either. And it was removed by YouTube as well.

Let’s hope there’s no part three.


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