Anne Doyle: I haven't agreed with everything I read out on the news

Anne Doyle has admitted that she had her fair share of arguments with RTÉ bosses over how they covered the news.

The legendary broadcaster has presented the nation’s news for 33 years but she wasn’t always happy with how she had to do it.

“You see clips all the time of news readers losing it, but you never saw my rants on live telly,” she said.

“The RTÉ newsroom was home to a lot of heated discussions. I will admit I didn’t win them all, but I won my fair share.”

“I never contemplated going off script because we always knew in advance which angle we were going to take,” she told Sunday World’s Magazine +.

“But that doesn’t mean I agreed with everything I read out on the news through the years.”

The TV star explained that she had plenty of disagreements with the powers that be behind the scenes over how certain stories were reported.

“In my later years, I was often angered by things that were being discussed or the way that we were reporting them, but I would voice those opinions off-air.”

“I could be crotchety when I wanted. Viewers just never saw it so sorry to disappoint you on that.”

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