Amy Winehouse hologram to go on tour

A hologram of Amy Winehouse will go on tour next year.

The late singer’s father, Mitch Winehouse, said the hologram will embark on a world tour while accompanied by a live band and backing singers.

Speaking at the Dorchester Hotel in London at the Amy Winehouse Foundation’s annual gala, he said that the project was a chance for “new generations” to discover her music.

The virtual reality project will be run by Los Angeles-based Base Hologram, who have previously created and toured holograms of musician Roy Orbison and opera singer Maria Callas.

Mitch Winehouse (Ian West/PA)">
Mitch Winehouse (Ian West/PA)

The production will launch towards the end of 2019 and will see the hologram visit a number of unannounced countries.

Announcing the project, Mr Winehouse said: “As a family, we felt ready to bring Amy’s incredible talent back to the spotlight, give her fans a chance to experience her music again and for new generations to continue to discover her.”

“We experienced first-hand how these hologram shows celebrate great artists.

“This is a wonderful way to bring focus back to her musical legacy, as well as raising funds for the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

“It’s time to remind everyone that Amy was one of the great musicians and performers.”

Brian Becker, founder and chief executive, Base Entertainment and Base Hologram said: “Earlier this year we launched Base Hologram with tours featuring two music icons who redefined the live concert theatrical experience in truly unique ways, and we look forward to continuing new creative and emotional opportunities with Amy Winehouse.”

“Amy was a powerhouse in every sense of the word.

“She played by her own rules, pioneered her own sense of style of music and because of that we know she is the perfect person to headline this type of project.”

Winehouse, known for her hits including Rehab and Tears Dry On Their Own, died in 2011 aged just 27 after a long-publicised battle with drink and drugs.

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