Al Porter speaks out about the reaction he's received since revealing he’s taking antidepressants

By Anna O'Donoghue

On Monday night's episode of Cutting Edge, comedian Al Porter revealed that he was taking anti-depressants.

It was something he had only told his mother two hours previous to the RTÉ One show taping.

He explained he has suffered from depression and it wasn’t until a friend of his suggested that he may be suffering from a chemical imbalance that he decided to take action.

Since the episode aired viewers have taken to the various social media platforms praising the 23-year-old for his bravery and honesty.

“I have been taken aback by the reaction to Cutting Edge last night. Admitting that I am taking anti depressants was like a weight off my shoulders,” Al has said in a statement released by his agent.

“I rang my Mam and Dad earlier in the day to tell them what I was going to say as I didn’t want them to be hearing it for the first time with the rest of the nation but I am very happy I made the decision to admit that I recognised that I need help at times.

He then went on to say that he would be extremely happy if his reveal has helped at least one person.

“And if me talking about it on live TV can make one person feel less alone or less normal than job done as far as I am concerned.

He then reassured fans that he’s doing well and is very excited for the upcoming panto season.

“I am doing great and love making people laugh night in night out on tour and with panto season around the corner hopefully the sound of laughter will continue!!” he added.

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