Aaron Sorkin 'would give anything to be Irish'

Famous American screenwriter and director Aaron Sorkin has said he "would give anything to be Irish".

Promoting his latest movie Molly's Game, the screenwriter most famous for works such as The West Wing and The Social Network, joined Ryan Tubridy on his RTÉ Radio One show this morning.

No stranger to true stories after penning A Few Good Men and Moneyball, Molly's Game tells the tale of Molly Bloom, a woman who in her 20s and 30s ran the world's most exclusive high stakes poker game featuring billionaires, CEOs, celebrities, politicians and hedge fund managers.

"You with not expect against that kind of backdrop would be a character and story that is inspirational and aspirational but that is what it is. Molly Bloom is a real life movie heroine," he said.

He said the movie involves a "quixotic sense of right and wrong", which viewers of his TV show The Newsroom will be familiar with as a common theme for the writer.

He said while the movie deals with poker, you do not need to understand the game to enjoy the movie.

Sorkin is famous for his witty dialogue but he said he was not a natural storyteller.

However, he said Irish people had that ability.

"I would give anything to be Irish, the Irish are natural storytellers... whether it's something in your history or the fact that telling stories is something you do at the dinner table and have for generations," he said.

Turning to US politics, he told Tubridy that he felt his four years at the helm of The West Wing was the best job in Hollywood.

"There are times today that I do wish the show was on for an hour once a week so that we could watch a White House press conference, listen to a question and just hear the sound of truth," he added.

He also said there was a "decency deficit" in America, but not amongst most citizens

"I just feel that the voice and face of the United States is decency deficient. Obviously, people elected him and that's a problem," he said.

"Our darkest days are always followed by our finest hour," he added.

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